Download software related to OS Deployment
Download software related to OS Deployment, including the ADK and MDT
Name of the software to download
.PARAMETER DownloadPath
This is the path to download the updates
Get-OSDSoftware -Name 'Google Chrome Enterprise x64' -DownloadPath C:\Temp
Downloads googlechromestandaloneenterprise64.msi to C:\Temp
Alternatively, use the shorter command line
OSDSoftware 'Google Chrome Enterprise x64' C:\Temp
The Name parameter is the Software to download. In PowerShell ISE you can select from a list‌
In PowerShell, a Control+Space will allow you to select‌
Software will be downloaded automatically‌
Saved to the Desktop by default‌

Get-OSDSoftware -DownloadPath

‌This allows you to specify the location for the download‌


There is no need to use Get-. Additionally the parameters are positional. To download Google Chrome to C:\Temp, use the following command
OSDSoftware 'Google Chrome Enterprise x64' 'C:\Temp\Google'
Google Chrome Enterprise will be downloaded to C:\Temp\Google with the directories being created if necessary